INTELEKTUALNE KURBE / INTELLECTUAL WHORES : Street performance in which passersby pay money to have discussions with intellectuals and artists

The project employed 17 intellectuals from humanistic field to sell their knowledge on the streets of Maribor during the hot 29 summer evenings. While they occupied 3 old gondolas that used to take people skiing on Pohorje, they explained poetry, sculpturing, psychoanalysis, art films or willingly chat in German with Austrian tourists about Slavoj Žižek or Tariq Ali for only 15 to 25 euros. Meanwhile their pimp, a philosopher himself, persuaded people on the street to enter this intellectual brothel for which he took only 20 % of their income. Surprisingly some 120 conversations were sold and some people and whores had a good time. The project was prolonged due to its success and the video made was the most intriguing on EPK and will start a tour around European festivals.

Genre: street performance

Where: Poštna ulica, Maribor

When: 25. May – 31. August 2012

Authors of the concept: Jana Putrle Srdić, Zoran Srdić Janežič

Organizer: EPK Maribor, MKC Maribor

Partner and producer: Institute for Arts and Cultures Gulag

Producer for MKC: Petra Kolmančič

Authors and whores: Elvis Berljak, Goran Potočnik Černe, Miša Gams, Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Tomaž Grušovnik, Sabina Hvastija, Nina Jeza, Gregor Lozar (pimp), Slađana Mtrović, Lucija Mlinarič, Ana Pečečnik, Tanja Petrič, Urška Potočnik Černe, Urh Vele, Jan Šmarčan, Jasmina Založnik

Designing the gondolas: Miri Strnad, Brigita Klajnšek and Polona Pokljukar

Foto: Andrej Cvetnič, Miha Sagadin and archive of Platforma