JAVNA BRANJA / PUBLIC READINGS : A group of artists reading the art texts in public on several occasions in different cities. Ongoing project.


Public readings


Public readings as an art experiment is a street performance where the group of artists are reading usually theoretical art texts of their own choice on different occasions and in different cities, but on the same day and at the same hour.


Genre: street performance, art experiment

Where: different places. Ljubljana, Celje, Maribor, London, Dornava

When: ongoing project from 2010

Concept and production: Aleksandra Saška Gruden

Coproduction: Institute for Arts GULAG

Performers: Aleksandra Saška Gruden, Simon Macuh, Petra Kapš, Jasmina Založnik, Franc Purg, Andreja Džakušič, Miha SON:da, Zoran Srdić Janežič

Foto: Archive of Aleksandra Saška Gruden