CECI N’EST PAS UN CROQUIS : Street performance that contemplates the meaning of art for different audiences

One part of the exhibition of sketches and the artist book Ceci n’est pas un croquis in Kranj was also the street performance with established puppeteer and actor Tina Oman, who lived in Kranj for many years. Performance dwelled upon a question, who gains of art and does it has a notion of beeing weird. What is really more obscure: art or our society?



Genre: Street performance / exhibition

Where: Main square Kranj / Layer’s huse: Tower of Intermedia Arts Kranj

When: 18. – 30. September 2012

Author: Zoran Srdić Janežič

Featuring actor in video: Tina Oman

Photo: Milan Stošić

Camera: Andrej Štular

Editing: Milan Stošić

Producer: The Gulag Institute for Contemporary Art

Coproducer:  Art & culture society Kranj