JAVNO KIPARSTVO / PUBLIC SCULPTURES : Public intervention of the three sculptors as their comment on (non-existing) politics of public sculptures



The public intervention stimulated the reflection on outdoor sculpture in contemporary society, specially in Kranj. Most outdoor sculptures in Slovenia were created in socialist society and were glorifying the national liberation struggle for freedom and the victims from the Second World War. Sculptures that were erected before the war were mostly honouring the national culture figures: poets and writers. Since the independence of Slovenia and the transition toward the European Union there has not been many cases of the new narratives and placing sculptures into public space has been neglected, the relationship towards old sculptures has become hostile. Three artists, Andrej Štular, Jernej Mali and Zoran Srdić Janežič reflected in three ways this phenomena: Štular constructed the simple construction to support sculptures, Mali made the small bronze statue as the project plan for a future sculpture and Srdić Janežič was wearing the mascot of the public scuplture at the Slovene square, where the event took place. Artistic statements were later used as the platform for a debate on designing the public outdoor space. The project book was made.


Genre: public intervention

When: 2011

Where: Slovenski trg, Kranj

Author: Zoran Srdić Janežič

Participating artists: Andrej Štular, Jernej Mali, Zoran Srdić Janežič

Participants in public discussion: prof. Dušan Tršar, prof. Marko Arnež, Nika Leben, Igor Kavčič

Producer: The Gulag Institute for Contemporary Art

Coproducer: The Art & Culture Society Kranj